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7 Ways To Wear Moncler

Posted on April 29 2021


Moncler is one of the best luxury fashion brands out there and is best known for its quality winter coats.

It can be hard to find a coat that matches your outfit, and in many instances, it’s best to plan your outfit around the coat.

However, Moncler coats are versatile and there are plenty of coat designs to match any outfit.

Whether you want a padded winter coat or a lightweight coat, a feminine jacket or a masculine jacket, Moncler will have something perfect for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the different Moncler coats and how you can wear them.


Paillon Technical Hooded Parka

This versatile Parka is a perfect choice for both work and casual wear.

Many Moncler coats and jackets have thick quilting, but this Parka opts for a lightweight and waterproof shell, so it makes a comfortable jacket for warmer weather.

The Paillon Hooded Parka is also functional, with reflective panels to enhance visibility during low-light conditions, which is not only safe but stylish.

It also features shoulder straps to keep it on your back if you get too warm.

Another functional feature of this Parka is the detachable drawstring hood, which you can take off to switch styles.

There’s also adjustable cuffs and a velcro logo which adds to the practical feel of the coat.

This coat can match any outfit, whether you’re wearing tracksuit bottoms, leggings, formal trousers, or tights.

The bright white design goes perfectly with any colour, making it a truly versatile choice.


Aubrac Hooded Down Quilted Jacket

This jacket epitomizes everything we know and love about Moncler.

This quality quilted down jacket has glossy panels which contrast brilliantly with the matte torso, resulting in a stylish, casual look.

The combination of textures creates a contemporary feel, vastly differing from trench coats and other classic designs.

Although the jacket looks heavy, the panels are lightweight, making the jacket more practical and suitable for everyday wear.

Unlike other designs, the Aubrac Hooded Down Quilted Jacket features a debossed, subtle logo, which enables you to wear this coat in work environments.


Tarnos Down Jacket

If you want to catch people’s eye, the Tarnos Down Jacket is a great way to go about it.

The bright orange colour is certain to draw peoples attention and is suitable for casual and weekend attire.

This puffer jacket is not only captivating, but it’s also practical.

The warm down insulation is certain to keep you warm in cold weather, and if you get too warm, don’t worry - it’s easy to remove the sleeves of this jacket - all you have to do is unzip them for a gilet style.

There are also two zipped pockets on the sides where you can store your phone, wallet, and other everyday items.

For safekeeping, there’s also an internal zip pocket for you to store money or valuable items.


Quilted Shell Down Jacket

This quality Quilted Shell Down Jacket is everything a winter coat should be - it’s the perfect choice for any winter occasion.

You’re sure to remain toasty in this jacket, as it’s stuffed with insulating down and goose feathers.

Whether you’re in the snow, having a winter evening stroll in the park, or are simply going about your day, you’ll be warm and cosy in this shell jacket.

With many winter jackets, you’ll find that your body loses its shape - but this certainly isn’t the case with this flattering jacket, as it contours your body perfectly creating a feminine silhouette despite the padding.

This coat is also practical, with large zipped pockets perfectly positioned at the waist, which is flattering to your figure no matter what your body type is.


Marly Jacket

This stylish, high-end jacket is the perfect choice from spring to autumn.

The lightweight, waterproof jacket for men can withstand rainy weather, keeping you dry even during the wettest months.

The innovative nylon design has a shiny, iridescent effect that looks classy yet casual - so you can wear this jacket for pretty much any occasion.

Although the jacket is predominately navy, there’s a splash of colour on the hood, which adds a distinctive touch.

There are convenient pockets with zipper closures to keep your daily necessities close and safe, as well as a hood with an elastic drawcord to ensure the perfect fit.

Many Moncler designs feature the logo on the chest area, but on the Marly Jacket, you’ll find the famous logo subtly placed on the sleeves.


Tie-Dyed Hooded Nylon Jacket

If you’re looking for a perfect spring/ summer jacket, then this tie-dye hooded jacket may be the answer to your prayers.

This is one of Moncler’s most stylish pieces for women and is perfect for any summer event.

Whether you’re at a festival, on the beach, at a party, or simply out and about, you’re certain to look great in this nylon jacket.

The mixture of pink, purple, and white tie-dye is both stylish and eye-catching.

This is a great addition to any warm-weather wardrobe, and the lightweight design makes it easy to pack for your holidays or festivals.


Pink Down Vilnius Logo Jacket

This sleek pink jacket is one of the more stylish Moncler designs, with great attention to detail.

One of the biggest drawing points of this jacket is the tonal Moncler lettering embossed all over the jacket, which adds both class and style to the design.

The bright pink design is certainly eye-catching and is a great choice for colder seasons.

Packed full of down (90%) and feathers (10%), you’re sure to feel toasty and cosy when wearing this Vilnius Logo Jacket.

Although this jacket is quilted, it’s also lightweight, so it can even be worn in warmer weather.

Whether you choose to wear this jacket with jeans, leggings, skirts, or trousers, you’re certain to look stylish and put-together.

It’s a great investment and will come in useful season after season.