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Best Designer Pet Clothes

Posted on February 07 2022

Best Designer Pet Clothes

In 2022, dogs are more pampered than ever. Instead of simply giving them a collar, many dog owners will go all out and purchase dog jumpers, jackets, coats, and gilets.

You can choose from a variety of luxury brands if you’re planning on splashing the cash on your pampered pooch. After all, they’re worth it!

From Moncler to Canada ‘Pooch’, keep reading for some of the best designer pet clothes for your beloved companions.


Moncler Two-Tone Dog Vest

Moncler is one of the leading fashion brands when it comes to outerwear, known for its warm yet stylish and practical jackets and coats - but did you know that they also sell coats, jackets, and vests for dogs?

One of the Moncler pet outfits has to be the two-tone dog vest. This stylish vest by Moncler Poldo Dog Couture features a tweed wool insert to protect your dog from the elements, keeping them warm and cosy on their winter and early-spring walks.

You can get this luxury dog vest in a stylish royal blue or a bright and cheerful red to match your dog’s personality.

It is inspired by Moncler’s classic down jackets, with down padding as well as boudin quilting for ultimate warmth and comfort.

Unlike many other pet coats out there, this Moncler vest features a toggled hood to protect your dog's head and ears from the elements. There are press stud fasteners to lock in the warmth and keep out the heat, and the fasteners make it super easy and convenient to put the jacket on and take it off.

No Moncler item comes without the classic Moncler logo. You can find the classic Moncler ‘M’ logo in felt material on the side of the vest. There’s also a Grosgrain Poldo label on the back of the jacket.

With Moncler, you don’t just pay for the logo - you also pay for the luxury feel, practicality, and comfort. This is why this Two-Tone Dog Vest will set you back £400.

As this item is relatively expensive, you don’t want to ruin it by washing it incorrectly. Be sure to avoid bleaching this item, and don’t put it in the tumble dryer. If you plan on ironing this vest, use temperatures lower than 110°C.


Prada Nylon Puffer Dog Coat with Hood

Prada is one of the most recognisable names in the fashion industry, known for its luxury and fashionable clothes, bags, and accessories.

However, this isn’t all that Prada designs. You can find clothes for your pet in Prada’s pet collection.

The Nylon Puffer Dog Coat with Hood features the iconic metal triangle logo. Many Prada pieces are constructed using Nylon, and this stylish dog coat is no exception.

For easy wear and take-off, this coat features a snap closure - making it quicker than ever to get your dog dressed and undressed.


Moschino Cotton Dog Sweatshirt

If you love Moschino, then you’ll love this Cotton Dog Sweatshirt for your dog. The stylish branded dog jumper features a drawstring hood, providing your pet the ultimate protection from the elements.

There are two long sleeves to keep your dog’s legs warm on those late-night walks, and a snap button closure for easy wear and undress. This piece slips on easily, and can be easily removed - simply unsnap the buttons and it’ll come right off causing no distress or discomfort to your puppy.

The classic logo can be found on the back of the sweater, in the classic Moschino text. You can find a pink and black version of this sweatshirt, as well as a black and gold and a grey and black.

To ensure you don’t damage this luxury pet sweater, hand wash the item instead of using the washing machine. After all, for £175, you want to take good care of it.


Moncler Padded Dog Gilet

Moncler is one of the best brands out there when it comes to coats and jackets - and not just for people! The Moncler Padded Dog Gilet is a stylish yet practical gilet, with padding for that extra layer of warmth.

This stylish gilet is part of the Moncler Poldo Dog Couture Collection. It’s crafted from a stylish and comfortable glossy laqué. The gilet also features a metal buckle closure for that luxury feel, as well as the classic lasered Moncler logo.

With luxury Moncler items, you expect a luxury price tag. Your dog will be well and truly spoiled with this £500 Moncler Padded Dog Gilet. Be sure to avoid bleaching and tumble drying this luxury piece, as it’s hand wash only. Don’t use steam on it when ironing either - the maximum temperature is 110°C.


Louis Vuitton Baxter Dog Collar PM

Louis Vuitton is easily one of the most recognisable names in the fashion world, but not everybody knows that they have a collection especially for pets.

One of the best items in this collection is the Baster Dog Collar. This stylish and luxury collar is designed for smaller dogs, but there is another option for larger dogs.

As expected from Louis Vuitton, the collar has a leather backing and a monogram canvas for that luxury feel. There is also an ID tag for easy identification of your pet. The collar can be accompanied by the Baxter Dog Lead, which can also be found in this collection.

Louis Vuitton doesn’t come cheap, and the Baxter Dog Collar is no exception, setting you back £266 - so be sure to avoid letting your dog chew through it!


Ralph Lauren Cotton Mesh Dog Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren and polo shirts go hand in hand, with many people associating the luxury brand with their classic polo shirts and the recognisable logo.

If you have a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt, you can match with your dog - or just style your dog in a classic Ralph Lauren polo. The dog polo shirt features a discrete lead hole for easy lead attachment and the classic Pony logo.

There is a ribbed collar with two buttons, as well as short sleeves and ribbed armholes. If you’re on a budget, the Ralph Lauren Cotton Mesh Dog Polo Shirt is the perfect choice, costing an affordable £45.