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Brand Spotlight: Welcome To The World Of Moncler

Posted on June 22 2021

Brand Spotlight Moncler

The Rise of Moncler

Moncler is one of the leading fashion brands when it comes to luxury winter coats and ski wear. The label was founded back in 1952 in the French Alps, where temperatures regularly drop below freezing.

This is why Andre Vincent and Rene Ramilliom founded the Moncler Brand. Moncler is an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, a mountain village located near Grenoble at the foot of the French Alps.

The story of Moncler begins with the Second World War when France was occupied. This meant that not many people could participate in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and skiing.

This wasn’t the case for Vincent and Ramilliom, who were a part of an organization called ‘Chantiers de Jeunesse”, and could therefore participate in organizing outdoor sports and mountain activities.

Camping was a popular activity at the time - most likely due to the economy and people opting for lower-cost holiday ideas.

The pair saw a window opening in the market, and due to their shared love of the mountain lifestyle, the pair started up a shop and became producers of mountain-adventure equipment.

Moncler sleeping bags, tents, and even hooded capes were popular products in the ‘50s for those who liked an adventure - including French mountaineer Lionel Terray.

Camping was a popular activity at the time, most likely due to the economy and people opting for lower-cost holiday ideas.

However, business wasn’t as booming as you’d think. Moncler’s first year was a difficult one, and the brand relied on local customers to stay afloat.


Moncler Today

Italian billionaire Remo Ruffini purchased the brand back in 2003 and has since been on a mission to take the brand further into the modern era.

He launched luxury ski jackets and activewear that have proven extremely popular, as well as collaborating with some of the highest-profile names in the industry.

Ruffini recently launched the Moncler Genius initiative, which was unveiled at Milan Fashion Week. The line included some established names, including Richard Quinn, Craig Green, and Valentino’s creative director, Pier Paolo Piccioli.

Ruffini completely reorganised the label’s entire business model and supply chains and normalized collaborative partnerships with fashion lines instead of appointing just one creative director.

Instead of having to wait for the annual fashion week schedule, Ruffini made it so the brand can now market their new items on a monthly basis, encouraging creativity and freedom in designs.

Ruffini was quoted saying that Moncler Genius helps to provide ‘more content, more ideas, and more energy’ - and it does exactly that.


What Is Moncler Known For?

Moncler is one of the leading brands when it comes to outdoor attire, ski-wear, and cold-weather coats - but what else is Moncler known for?


Lionel Terray

Lionel Terray was a French mountaineer who succeeded in many first ascents. Some of his first ascents include Cerro Fitz Roy in the Patagonian Andes and Makalu in the Himalayas.

Moncler’s business turned around after Terray decided to use Moncler’s duck down-filled jacket for one of his famous ascents. Terray was a friend of Vincent and Ramilliom and had total faith in Moncler’s products.

The duck down-filled jacket was designed for workers who spent a lot of time in freezing or low temperatures.

It was the perfect choice for being on the go in the cold weather and was very comfortable even while moving around.

Lionel Terray became a consultant when creating the Moncler Jacket, and the line ‘Moncler pour Lionel Terray’ was soon launched. The line included sleeping bags, gloves, tents, shoes, and other mountaineering equipment.


Brand Identity

When you see any Moncler item, you instantly know it will have a quality design, a comfortable feel, and a luxury look. The brand is all about tradition, innovation, and heritage, and this comes across clearly in any Moncler piece.

The brand has proven that its products can withstand cold climates and harsh conditions, as they’ve provided clothing and equipment for many high-profile expeditions including an expedition to K2.

The Italian expedition to K2 became famous as one of the first teams to reach the top in history, which boosted the label’s reputation.

There’s a common misconception that you have to compromise between comfort and style when it comes to mountaineering and colder conditions - but this certainly isn’t the case with Moncler.

There’s a variety of protective, comfortable and fashionable designs that you can wear on either a night out or an adventure trip.



Moncler’s jackets are made using quality materials, so you can be sure they’ll withstand the elements.

You may notice that Moncler coats and jackets have a high price tag, but this is because the materials and overall designs surpass more affordable options in terms of quality, comfort, and style.

Most Moncler jackets are made using Japanese nylon, which adds to the weather resistance and adds a level of comfort.

The yarns and other materials used are also high-quality, as expected with any luxury brand.

The insulation used in their down coats is sourced from white geese - which are known for being extremely insulating. Goose down is considered the best quality down in terms of durability and performance.

Another luxury aspect of the brand is the use of fur trims in their winter coats. The fur is sourced from coyotes, and natural fur sourced from coyotes is always high quality.

Although this may raise ethical concerns, there’s no denying that coyote fur is comfortable and insulating, and is sure to keep you warm and cosy in the winter months.



You can recognise any Moncler piece from the easily-identifiably logo. The Moncler logo consists of a big capital M using simple colours.

The colour scheme imitated the national colours of France, which represents loyalty and passion. Behind the big ‘M’, there’s the outline of a rooster which is one of the unofficial national symbols of the country.

The rooster stands for hope, pride, and in some cultures, it stands for luck or resurrection. The logo was first used in the ‘60s when Moncler started supplying to the French Olympic team for downward skiing.