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Givenchy Spring Collection - The Best Bits

Posted on February 21 2022

Givenchy Spring Collection - The Best Bits

Spring is quickly approaching, which means warmer weather and of course, new fashion trends. The days of thick winter coats and woolly scarves are over - at least for another year! Taking their place, you’ll find stylish jackets, luxury bags, and opulent pastels.

Matthew M. Williams, Givenchy’s Creative Director worked with artist Josh Smith as well as musician Young Thug on the S22 collection, to create an immersive and special experience for all Givenchy customers.

If you’re a fan of Givenchy, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out all about the Givenchy Spring 2022 Collection!


Givenchy Spring Collection - The Facts

Givenchy is easily one of the most well-known names in the fashion industry, associated with luxury style and timeless fashion.

The brand was created back in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy, who began his fashion adventure by apprenticing at a fashion house and working under popular designers of the time.

As well as being the creator of one of the most popular labels in the fashion world, Hubert de Givenchy is also known for his friendship and professional collaboration with iconic actress Audrey Hepburn.

Givenchy has a history of working with high-profile celebrities - from Princesses such as Meghan Markle to influencers such as Kim Kardashian, there is never a shortage of famous people wearing the iconic brand.

After years of building the brand and creating timeless pieces, Givenchy retired in 1995. In 2018, Hubert de Givenchy passed away at the age of 91 in Paris, leaving behind a legacy that will always be remembered.

The likes of Alexander McQueen, Julien MacDonald, Riccardo Tisci, Clare Waight Keller, and most recently Matthew Williams took over the brand, continuing Givenchy’s legacy.

Matthew Williams was behind the Spring Collection 2022, which is his second Spring Collection since joining the brand in June 2020.

Before taking his role at Givenchy, Matthew Williams worked with icons such as Kanye West and Lady Gaga, who are known for their bold fashion choices. He has also worked with brands such as Nike, Moncler, and Dior.

The House of Givenchy commented that “addition to his commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, Williams advocates authentic values of research, technical innovation and creative repurposing that align perfectly with Givenchy’s philosophy of elegant ease. An intuitive understanding of tailoring, technology and integrity in fashion make the designer an ideal steward for carrying the Givenchy legacy forward with modernity and power” in regards to Williams joining the label.

In regards to the Spring 2022 Collection, Williams brings radical yet classical silhouettes for men and women, exploring the differences between contemporary styles and historical styles. Williams worked closely with American artist Josh Smith to create this iconic collection, combining the classic Givenchy style with a modern and characteristic feel.

Josh Smith commented that the collection is a ‘miracle’, and that ‘the sky is the limit’. The score for the show is by Young Thug, one of the most popular rappers in 2022. His Spring-Summer 2022 soundtrack features unreleased material, as well as tracks from his album ‘Punk’.


Givenchy Spring Collection - Best Bits

Givenchy never fails to disappoint - and the Spring Summer 2022 Collection certainly doesn’t disappoint with its bold styles and contrasting designs.

There is a clear juxtaposition in the designs of the SS22 Collection, elegantly combining traditional masculine fabrics such as leather and wool with feminine silhouettes such as corsets and peplums. You can find raw edges that have been embraced, creating a modern feel. You can also find tulle and transparent materials, creating an airy and summery appeal.

Decades of iconic fashion is compiled into the SS22 Collection, with oversized collars, cut-out designs, tulle and The Prince of Wales Check boldly combined into a single collection.



The Antigona Sport Bag is one of the most popular pieces of the collection - constructed with smooth calfskin leather. This piece comes in a variety of colours, including a sleek black, a stylish cream, a bold orange, beige, and lilac. The sizes it comes in are mini, small, and medium, so you can find the perfect Antigona Sport Bag for you whatever the purpose.

You can find the classic Givenchy signature on the front, with a silver embossed 4G emblem on the back. The zipper closure has a 4G zipper pull, adding elegance to the luxury bag design. There is a single flat pocket inside, with the interior featuring a canvas lining. The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable for your convenience.



One of the most iconic pieces of the Givenchy Spring Summer 2022 Collection is the stylish T-shirt Dress with Tag Effect Prints. Combining different materials, this dress has a luxury modern design.

This dress comes in a khaki colour or a black dog-print design. On the tag effect dress, you can find a black Chito print with a tag effect on the front of the dress, courtesy of the Chito X Givenchy SS22 collaboration.

There’s a stylish yet modern slit on the hem, and cutouts on the sizes, adding a contemporary feel to this timeless dress. The hem has a transparent effect, which adds an extra something to the already complete dress.

The SS22 Collection features a variety of bold and black designs, but one of the most eyecatching designs has to be the black collared peplum dress. This stylish figure-creating top cinches in at the waist and flows out at the hips - and has a silver zip that cuts down the middle of the design.

The best part about this dress is the oversized collar - which is quickly coming back into fashion. The capped sleeves combined with the thick material make it a versatile design that can be worn on any occasion.



One of the most eye-catching pieces of the Spring Collection is the Slim Fit Tag Effect Jeans, which come in a black denim design. This is another Chito X Givenchy collaboration, featuring the classic tag-effect white Chito print. You can find a metal Givenchy enclosure, as well as two side pockets and patch pockets for your convenience.