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Givenchy Styling Tips For Autumn/Winter 2021

Posted on October 13 2021


Autumn is typically all about turtlenecks, jumpers, and boots, and winter consists of oversized coats - but what else should you consider when styling for autumn and winter?

Givenchy is one of the leading clothing brands, known for their stylish and luxury clothing.

If you’re unsure what to wear this autumn and winter, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Read on for Givenchy styling tips for autumn and winter.


Wear A Jumper

The Fall Winter 2021 Givenchy collection features a sleek black jumper that’s sure to match with any oversized jacket or stylish coat.

However, there are lighter options available (including a fresh-looking cream jumper) that are sure to keep you warm while looking your best.

If you’re feeling bold, you can rock the bright red Slim Fit Sweater in 4G Jacquard, which pairs perfectly with a navy blue or black trench coat in the winter months, or with black leather leggings in autumn.

You could also opt for a plain jumper with the Givenchy logo - this is a way to keep things simple. This is perfect for walks in the park or casual outings and will ensure you look effortlessly stylish.


Choose A Warm Jacket

One of the best jackets you can wear this Autumn is the Givenchy Jacket in Leather and Sheep Lining with Double Collar.

This cropped jacket features shiny crackled lambskin leather and matches perfectly with lighter items of clothing - although a pair of leggings or black jeans would still look great with it.

The thing that stands out the most with this jacket is the double cape-style collar, which features tone-on-tone wool shearing for warmth. This adds elegance to the jacket, making it suitable for any occasion.

We also recommend the cream Puffa Jacket. This style of jacket came back into fashion a couple of years ago and has been in the spotlight ever since, combining simplicity with style and practicality.

For a more elegant yet simple look, you could try the Jacket In Leather With Graphic Cuts. This will set you back £3,380.00 and is worth every penny.

With oversized structured shoulders and a comfortable tailored fit, it’s the perfect jacket of choice for when the weather gets cooler.


You Can’t Go Wrong With Black

Givenchy’s Fall Winter 2021 collection features countless sleek black designs that are perfect for cooler climates.

Although you may not want to wear black in the warmer months or on summer holidays, autumn and winter are the best times to buy and wear your favourite black pieces.

From black hoodies and sweaters to black boots and heels, there is a wide variety of stylish black options from Givenchy’s latest collection. You can even find deep black leggings in this collection, which are certain to be a lot better quality than Primark’s £3.50 leggings - well, you’d hope so for £765!


Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorise

Accessories aren’t just for summer - you can add some of your personality to any outfit with the right accessories.

The Givenchy Fall Winter 2021 collection features an array of classy and elegant accessories that are sure to enhance any outfit. There are oversized faux fur mittens that are sure to keep your hands comfortable and warm in the winter, whether you prefer a light or dark aesthetic.

The theme of jewellery in this collection appears to be geometric, with silver squares and black rectangles. Simplicity is key this autumn, so opt for simple yet stylish shapes - and don’t be afraid to opt for oversized earrings.

Rings have never gone out of fashion - they have simply evolved. Instead of a single band, why not opt for a four-finger ring? Or try stacking your rings together to add some glitz to your look.


Small Bags Over Large Bags

Although large bags tend to be pretty functional and convenient for work, college, university, or day trips, this season is all about small bags.

Whether you prefer a shoulder bag, a small handbag, or a cross-body bag, opt for a smaller option that can still accommodate your essentials. After all, you need your phone, purse, keys, and other essentials.

The Mini Antigona Lock Bag in Box Leather is a hit this season, whether you opt for the bottle green or the black design. It features a removable padlock on the front, which is both functional and stylish.

If you have any events, or plan on dining out in the next few months, then we recommend the Givenchy Small 4G Bag in 4G Metallized Leather with Chain. The bright, sparkly silver is sure to turn heads where you plan on wearing it.

The 4G bag is the bag of the season - there’s a rectangle option, a vertical option, padded leather, smooth leather, box leather, or python, so you’re sure to find the perfect 4G bag to match your style.

The bandana print has made a huge comeback, and Givenchy has certainly taken note with the Bandana Bag in Printed Cotton. The pattern features Givenchy signatures, adding a touch of class to the popular print.


Asymmetrical Skirts Are Back

Asymmetrical skirts are feminine, elegant, and a great addition to any outfit. Whether you choose to wear a skirt with tights, without tights, or even with leggings, an asymmetrical skirt is always a great choice.

It’s something slightly more interesting than the basic maxi or mini skirt and draws attention to the right places.

The Givenchy Fall Winter 2021 collection features a variety of asymmetrical skirts - the most popular being the Asymmetrical Skirt in Crepe Back Satin. This skirt features a flattering waistline that promotes an hourglass figure and is extremely versatile.

You can wear the skirt with leggings, tights, or bare-legged. You can tuck the skirt into a top, a jumper, or wear a baggy jumper over the skirt - no matter how you wear it, it’s sure to look great. This skirt costs £1,250 - which is a reasonable price tag in comparison to other Givenchy skirts.


Studs All The Way

Studs and metal appliques look great and perfectly match the mood of autumn and winter. You can find plenty of studded items in the Fall Winter collection, from dresses to shirts and jackets.

You can also find studded shoes in this collection - with trainers covered in studded jewels and crystals.