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How Do Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers Fit?

Posted on May 26 2021

Valentino Rockrunners

It can be difficult finding a shoe that has it all. Style, comfort, breathability, cushioning, and a good fit are all things that you want in a pair of trainers, but sometimes you have to compromise and opt for a shoe that only ticks two out of five boxes.

This isn’t the case with Rockrunner sneakers. Valentino has been designing quality clothes, shoes and accessories since the 1960s, so they certainly know what they’re doing.

Rockstuds are quality shoes that look great - but how well do they fit? Keep reading to learn more about the Rockstud sneaker, and to find out whether they’re a good fit for you.


What Are Rock Runner Sneakers?

Rockrunner trainers are a type of shoe designed by Valentino. They launched as part of the Rockstud collection in 2010, which features a variety of modern, intriguing designs.

As soon as the Rockstud collection launched, Rockrunner sneakers became a huge success, and were a ‘must have’ from LA to London. A-listers were spotted wearing the stylish sneakers at events, in the street, and on social media, adding fire to the Rockrunner hype.

The stylish Rockrunner trainer is characterised by loud designs with vivid colours and patterns, and of course, the signature Rockstuds around the heel. Rockrunners typically have a chunky sole, which can add height and comfort.

Rockrunners are popular amongst teenagers and young adults, but anybody can enjoy the stylish appeal of the shoe.

Although the collection launched in 2010, there are still new items being added on a regular basis - including new Rockrunner designs.

In 2020, an exciting new design was added to the Rockrunner line. The new design features a clean white base with an unusual brown silicone dip that mimics the look of shiny, wet mud.


Rockstud Collection

The Rockstud collection is one of Valentino’s most iconic collections. Although the collection launched in 2010, people still love and appreciate the unique style it offers.

Rockstud shoes are still popular today - last year, Jennifer Lopez was photographed wearing Rockstud Heels in NYC, demonstrating the timeless style of the Rockstud Collection.

Whether you’re going for a walk in the park, to a fancy meal, or even a red-carpet event, there’s something fitting for any occasion. There are various types of heeled shoes - ankle-strap heels, caged heels, and leather courts.

For a more casual look, there are leather mules, Roman leather flats, point toe flats and jelly flip flops. You can also find Rockstud boots - ankle boots and combat boots - and of course, Rockrunner trainers.

Linking all of these different shoes together is the signature rockstuds. They’re a pyramid shape and usually trail around the base of the shoe - but in some heel and flip-flop designs, they can be found on the straps.


Are Rockrunners Comfortable?

Trainers are supposed to make your feet feel supported and comfortable, and Valentino Rockrunners definitely succeed in doing this.

Often, you have to compromise when choosing a pair of trainers and choose either comfort or style.

Rockrunners are both stylish and comfortable - they feature an EVA footbed to provide impact support and a cushioning boost, ensuring your feet are well supported and cushioned.

Your feet are sure to appreciate the materials used in this shoe. Many brands use either terry cloth, leather, or suede as an in-liner, but Rockrunners feature a mesh material to enhance breathability, keeping your feet well ventilated and dry throughout the day.

This type of material is often used in athletic footwear brands for breathability during activity.


How Do Rockrunners Fit?

Rockrunners are well known as being true to size - so if you’re a size 10, then get a size 10. However, if you have a size 10.5 for example, then it’s best to get the next size up if the retailer doesn’t have the exact size.

If you have wider feet, don’t worry as these shoes are sure to still fit you if you get the correct size.

In the UK, they go up to a size 12 which is pretty standard for popular footwear brands. Valentino shoe sizes are in Italian, so if you’re not sure what size to get, then see the size conversions below:

  • If you’re a UK size 4, get a size 38.
  • If you’re a UK size 4.5, get a size 38.5
  • If you’re a UK size 5, get a size 39
  • If you’re a UK size 5.5, get a size 39.5
  • If you’re a UK size 6, get a size 40


Follow the pattern upwards - if you’re a size 12 in the UK, you’ll be a size 36 in Italian. If you’re trying the shoe on in-store, there’s a method to tell if the shoe definitely fits.

You just need to see how much room there is in the toe of the shoe - there should be enough room for one finger between your longest toe and the end of your shoe.

You can test the amount of room in the shoe with your foot in it by putting a finger between the heel of your foot and the heel of your shoe.

If there isn’t enough room for your finger, then the shoe is likely too small and you may need.

Shoes that are too tight might cause blisters which can be very painful and uncomfortable, so it’s always best to have some wiggle room.


Where Can I Buy Rockrunners?

As well as the Valentino store, Rockrunners and other shoes from the Rockstud collection tend to be available from many other retailers, from Amazon to Harvey Nichols.

More and more people are buying shoes online, which can be risky if you don’t know your shoe size. However, if you’re sure of your size, then you purchase them from a wide variety of online retailers, such as Geometra Fashion.