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How To Tell If Your Balenciagas Are Fake

Posted on January 21 2022

How To Tell If Your Balenciagas Are Fake

Balenciaga is known for its quality trainers, from their famous Speed Trainers to their Triple S range.

Their footwear collections can be pretty pricey, with prices ranging from a couple of hundred pounds to over a thousand pounds. However, the quality and appearance of the shoe certainly make it worth it.

But unfortunately, there are some online sellers out there that could sell you fake Balenciagas. How can you spot whether your Balenciaga trainers are fake? Are there any particular signs to look out for?

Keep reading to learn more about Balenciaga trainers and how you can tell if yours are fake.


Speed Socks

The popular Balenciaga Speed Trainers were released back in 2016, and are still as relevant as ever.

Typically, Speeds will cost over £600 - after all, you’re paying for the quality, the comfort, the durability, the brand, and of course, the look.

However, there are many counterfeit Speed Socks going on the market, and it can be tough knowing which are real and which are fake.

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Here are some ways that you can determine the authenticity of your Balenciaga Speeds.


The Logo

The first thing you should do when checking your trainers is to look at the logo. You should examine the letters, the font, the way the font is engraved, and the spacing between the letters - and match it up to a pair you can see on the Balenciaga website.

Not all fakes will be obvious - they don’t all say ‘Balenciooga’ or have a typo. However, the font may be thinner than normal or have less space in between the lettering.


The Shape of The Shoe

The shape of the shoe can also be an indicator of whether it’s real or counterfeit. Check out the front shape - the real ones should have a pretty straight shape, but many fake Speeds will have a curvier front.

If you have a pair that you know are legit, compare them with your ones to test for authenticity. If not, then you could try pulling an image from the Balenciaga site.


The Stitching

Balenciaga will have taken time and effort to ensure the stitching of the shoe is nothing less than perfect. The stitching should be very regular, and in line with the other stitching on the shoe.

However, fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers will often have irregular stitching, which won’t be parallel to other stitching on other parts of the shoe.


The Packaging

When you buy Balenciaga, you should expect nothing less than quality - and the same applies to the packaging that the shoes arrive in.

Even the box should be high quality - not creased or dirty at all. You should be able to see the Balenciaga logo pretty clearly, and it should have a regular font. However, fake Balenciagas may come in a box that’s dirty, and with a shiny or irregular logo.

The dust bags can also give you some indication of the authenticity of your trainers. The font and the colour should be crisp and clear - anything less may indicate that it’s counterfeit.


Triple S

The Triple S trainers are super popular, known for their chunky soles and various colours. If you want to find out whether your Balenciaga Triple S are real or fake, then you’re in the right place.


The Logo

One of the best ways that you can tell if any Balenciaga trainer is real or fake is by studying the logo. With Triple S trainers, the logo is found on the side.

The embroidery should be perfect - neat and regular. If your shoes are fake, then chances are, there will be small mistakes in the embroidery, and there will be stitches out of place. Often, the logo will appear thicker than it should, so watch out for thick or untidy logos.


The Heel

There is another placement of the classic Balenciaga logo on the heel of the sole. However, fake Balenciagas will reveal subtle differences - it may be placed too high or too low, and the text may be taller than usual.

Real Balenciaga’s will have centred and symmetrical text on the heel, and it should look seamless and not particularly out of place or out of proportion.

Balenciaga Triple S’s can come in a variety of colours, so the heel may be a different colour depending on your choice of colour. However, fake Balenciaga’s will have a less defined heel, and the colour may appear ‘off’.


The Size Label

Another thing to check is the size label inside the shoe, on the triple S tongue. The thickness of the text can indicate whether the shoe is genuine or not - the text may be thick and not perfectly aligned.

On real Balenciaga Triple S trainers, the text on the size tag will be perfectly centred on the label, and the spacing should be symmetrical.



The Balenciaga Tracks are up there with the most popular Balenciaga shoes. They’re both stylish and comfortable and have a retro feel to them - characterised by their chunky soles and panelled design.

But how do you spot fake Balenciaga Tracks?


The Stitching

The stitching on legitimate Balenciaga trainers will always be seamless and well-aligned. However, fake Tracks will have irregular stitching. Real Tracks will also feature visible stitching throughout the shoes - it’s part of the shoe design. However, the stitching on fake Tracks may be less visible and difficult to notice.


The Laces

Be sure to check the laces if you want to determine whether your Balenciaga Tracks are real or not. The laces on fake Tracks look creased and the stitching looks slightly irregular, whereas legitimate Tracks will have smooth laces with expert and precise stitching.


Reflective Patch

On the front side, you can find a smooth reflective patch. If you notice that the reflective patch is weak and doesn’t glow, then it’s most likely fake. Fake Tracks will have fewer glowing parts than real Tracks.