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Moncler Men's Jackets for Winter 2021

Posted on December 10 2021

Moncler Men's Jackets for Winter 2021

Moncler is one of the leading fashion brands known for their luxury winter coats. When you think of Moncler, your mind may automatically picture big puffer jackets - they’re warm, cosy, stylish, and of course, luxury.

But which Moncler coats are best for the wintertime? Keep reading to learn more about the Moncler brand, and which Moncler men’s jackets are best for winter 2021!


Moncler - The Brand

The Moncler brand was founded back in 1952 by Andre Vincent and Rene Ramillion. They lived in the French Alps where the temperature frequently drops below freezing.

This is where the pair found their inspiration to design quality winter coats and jackets that do a great job of keeping you warm in subzero temperatures.

The brand gets its name from Monestier-de-Clermont, a small commune near Grenoble, located at the foot of the French Alps.

Moncler began around the time of World War Two when France became occupied. When this occurred, only a select few were able to enjoy outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and skiing.

Luckily for Vincent and Ramillion, they were able to partake in such activities, as they were members of an organisation called ‘Chantiers de Jeunesse’. This meant they were able to organise and attend outdoor sport and mountain activities.

Because the second world war had an impact on the local economy, residents of the area opted for low-cost holidays such as camping. This was Vincent and Ramillion’s window of opportunity - so they decided to start a shop that sold mountain-adventure equipment.

Moncler tents, sleeping bags, and outerwear products were a great choice - they were super durable and kept campers warm in those icy temperatures.

Like many new businesses, the first year of Moncler was a difficult one as they relied on local custom to keep their heads above water. However, they managed to turn things around quickly and moved with the times, focusing on luxury, warm outwear options.

They quickly developed a reputation for producing quality warm coats and jackets, and became one of the leading luxury outerwear brands.


Moncler Logo

You can easily recognise a Moncler item from their classic logo. The Moncler logo features a large letter ‘M’ with simple colours red and navy. These colours are derived from the national colours of France - which represent both passion and loyalty.

However, more modern items may feature a simple black and white version. Behind the M, you can find an outline of a rooster, which is an unofficial symbol of France. The symbol represents pride, luck, and hope.

The classic Moncler logo was first used back in the 1960s, as Moncler started to supply equipment for the French Olympic downward skiing team.


Best Moncler Winter Coats

Now you have an understanding of the brand, let’s talk about the best Moncler winter coats that are sure to keep you warm (and looking great) this winter!

All Moncler coats are durable and made of luxury materials. No matter which coat you choose, it’s sure to be a prized item in your wardrobe for many winters to come.


4 Moncler Hyke Altels Down Jacket

One of the best winter jackets for wintertime is the 4 Moncler Hyke Altels Down Jacket. The Hyke collection epitomises simplicity - with neutral colours and clean proportions.

The Altels Down Jacket is no exception, with a stylishly simple yet practical design. One of the best features of this jacket is that it’s designed to be easily folded into a pouch, which is super convenient when camping or conducting outdoor activities, or to save space in your wardrobe.

Some other convenient features include a detachable hood, zipped pockets, and a snap buttoned front which makes it easy to fasten your coat wearing gloves.

For durability and warmth, the jacket is crafted from a 2-layer Gore-Tex Infinium ripstop nylon. Naturally, the filling is made of 90% down and 10% feathers, so you’re sure to be warm even in the coldest of climates.


Moncler Blanc Jacket

The Moncler Blanc Jacket is one of the most popular Moncler jackets, featuring a stylish camo pattern that is perfect for outdoor activities and expeditions. It offers a casual look but is also practical, stylish, and versatile.

This jacket is part faux-shearling and part down jacket, making for an extremely comfortable and warm wearing experience. It also has a high neck design to keep your neck and chest warm, negating the need for a scarf.

There are side zipped pockets for you to bring your necessary items (e.g phone, keys), as well as a two-way zipper for your convenience. The classic Moncler logo can be found on the rubber sleeve patch - however, it’s all white.


Moncler Grenoble Charlos Jacket

This classic Moncler jacket combines blue and black in a modern and subtle tie-dye pattern, which is something different to Moncler’s usual jackets.

The Grenoble Charlos is crafted from ripstop shell, and insulated with goose down and feathers, which is typical of Moncler. The down is certain to keep you warm no matter where you are on the planet or the activities you’re conducting.

There are angled flap pockets as well as an interior pocket to place your valuables. The coat conveniently folds and can fit into the matching pouch, which is ideal for camping.


Moncler Down Quilted Coutard Jacket

Moncler never fails to impress with their quality jackets, and the Moncler Down Quilted Coutard Jacket certainly impresses.

This coat is perfect for dark or low-visibility weather - the bright yellow neon colour is certain to keep you visible even in the foggiest of conditions.

It’s the ultimate coat for the wintertime, where there’s fog, rainstorms, snow, and of course, darker days. The goose down filling will keep you warm on winter days and nights.

There are two side zip pockets as well as a storm flap, a waterproof design, and a detachable drawstring hood to ensure that you’re protected from the elements.