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Our Guide to Balenciaga Trainers

Posted on March 29 2022

Our Guide to Balenciaga Trainers

The iconic Balenciaga brand has fast become the most popular name in designer fashion in the high-end luxury market, with trainers and bags for women being their most popular and in-demand products. This brand, therefore, has truly won the hearts of fashion fans across the globe and is notably driven by the younger generation and popular culture.

We have put together our guide to Balenciaga trainers and made a list of some of the most popular styles on the market, we have all the information on these sneakers so please read on if you wish to know more.


Balenciaga History and Brand

The Balenciaga brand was founded back in 1918 by Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga. He opened his first fashion boutique in Spain in 1918 before moving to Paris after all boutiques were forced to close by the Spanish Civil War.

Over the years gained more and more respect in the fashion world and his innovative designs helped shape the world of fashion into what it is today and now the Balenciaga brand is French-owned by the Kering group.


The Trainers

Balencia trainers have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with more and more people investing in a pair of high-end trainers for themselves. Due to their popularity, they are often the cause of inspiration for many other trainer brands and high street stores.

They are forever changing up the colourways, switching it up and forever pushing boundaries. The chunky trainers they create are the true birth of the original ‘dad shoe’ trend that blew up in the fashion world and is definitely here to stay.

These statement designer trainers are not for the faint-hearted as they are uber chunky and a statement piece to any outfit. Many also find that they are particularly heavy compared to other trainers on the market.

This is a brand that offers status and exclusivity - to help promote this exclusivity Balenciaga claim to only release a limited amount of stock in each colourway, this helps to stop the overproduction of each model and avoids any particular colourway becoming too mainstream. Justifying the charging of a higher price by boasting this exclusivity and continuing to do so throughout each new model release. So if you have a certain pair on your wish list, be quick and act upon it if you are serious about them, as they might not be available to purchase forever.


Made In Italy

These high-quality trainers are made in Italy, they offer superior quality. With a leather exterior and leather insoles too, they cannot be beaten on quality as this once Spanish brand are expertly made and are built to perfection, which is what you would expect from that kind of price tag and a high fashion brand.



Be wary of the endless amount of fakes out there, with the rise in popularity for these iconic trainers with no sign of them disappearing anytime soon, there are many counterfeits pretending to be the real deal or charging a fraction of the cost for a copy of the real thing.

Due to this of course the number of replicas out there has risen with the popularity of these designer shoes. So be sure to be wary when you shop about, always shop with caution and when buying online if you think something is too good to be true - then it probably is!


Triple S

The ever-popular Balencigia Triple-S silhouette came out in 2017 and has been thriving ever since. The Triple S stands for ‘triple sole’, and the silhouette really does live up to that image you conjure up when we think of any footwear with a ‘triple sole’.

This attractive yet retro chunky trainer will help you stand tall with its heavyset sole - it really is a statement piece. Depending on where you make your purchase, this iconic shaped shoe will set you back in the UK at around £725, with some of the more garish and loud colourway styles along with the clear soled trainers costing around £100 more. But overall, whichever model of the Triple S you choose, one thing is for sure - this style is sure to give you an air of confidence.



This super-sized trainer in the form of the Balenciaga Track trainers are an amazing mix of both high-end fashion and they also look like you would expect to have found them in your old school lost properly cupboard and made to wear them when you forgot to bring your PE kit to class. This is something that this brand has single-handedly and somehow made a current and trendy vibe when a decade or two ago this shape and style of trainer would definitely not be considered as ‘cool’ by any means. This all shows us how trends always come and go in cycles.

In this futuristic sneaker, however, the body of the trainer is mainly made up of rubber and mesh and consists of 9 layers comprising the sole that are surprisingly lightweight and less bulky than some of the other Balenciaga models.

Overall this trainer features 96 high tech components and gives high performing abilities like running and hiking with shock absorption and great support. This style will also set you back at £725.



The Balenciaga Speed Trainers were launched in 2016 and are more commonly referred to as ‘the one that looks like socks’. This high-end sneaker style just screams comfort and is on the lower end of the price scale when it comes to Balenciaga sneakers. This sock knit style is constructed to a mid-ankle with an elasticated hemline, for a seamless comfortable and snug fit.

The chunky yet flexible design of the sole is ergonomically moulded which gives help to add comfort and flexibility to the sole of the foot. Subtle with its more plain design and understated logo, yet still iconic by standing out from the crowd with its uniqueness, this model of trainer although a more affordable style of Balenciaga trainer, will still come up costing you around £595.

Hopefully, this guide has helped to give you a better understanding of the Balenciaga brand and the different styles of Balenciaga trainers that are popular today.