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Rise Of The Valentino Rockrunner Trainer

Posted on May 04 2021

Rise Of The Valentino Rockrunner Trainer

Valentino is one of the leading fashion houses. It was founded in Rome, Italy, in 1960 by designer Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani. Since its creation, the label has come a long way.

People love the brands aesthetic, and this is clear as you can buy Valentino in over 100 countries, with over 1500 points of sale around the globe.

Many high profile celebrities including the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, and even Princess Madeline of Sweden have worn bespoke Valentino wedding dresses.

However, Valentino doesn’t just design dresses - you can buy Valentino bags, eyewear, fragrances, scarves, and more importantly, shoes.

One of the most popular footwear options is the Rockrunner Trainer, which is what we’re going to be talking about today.

Keep reading to find out more about the Valentino Rockrunner Trainer, including the pros, cons, and history.


What Are Rockrunner Trainers?

Rockrunners are trainers designed by Valentino, as part of the Rockstud collection.

Characterised by the famous rockstuds and loud design with various colours and camouflage patterns, these shoes are popular amongst teens and young adults - however, they’re suitable for any age bracket.


Rockstud Collection

Rockrunner trainers are only part of a huge collection. The items in this collection are constructed using high-quality leather, making each and every piece great value for money.

The Rockstud collection features various shoe types, ensuring you can find something suitable for any occasion, from the red carpet to restaurants and even walks in the park. Some shoe types in the collection include:

  • Ankle-Strap Heels
  • Caged Heels
  • Leather Courts
  • Leather Mules
  • Wedges (with and without strap)
  • Ankle Boots
  • Combat Boots
  • Jelly Flip Flops
  • Roman Leather Flats
  • Point Toe Flats
  • Rockstud Trainers

All the shoes listed above share something in common - the iconic pyramid studs.

These studs are usually dotted around the base of the shoe, but in some cases like with the flip flops and heels, they’re found on the straps.



These comfortable trainers are made from high-quality Italian calf-skin leather and feature many prints and colours.

Expect typical Valentino designs - butterflies, camouflage, and foliage are just a couple of many patterns.

There’s a variety of designs, some being louder and attention-grabbing, and some being more relaxed - and all designs are stylish.

No matter your style, you’ll be able to find a Rockrunner trainer to match your wardrobe.

The Rockrunner is recognised by the pyramidal studs that deck them, and the comfortable yet shapely design. The studs are in the optimal location, and really catch the eye of anyone looking at them.

Valentino can sometimes be overzealous with its branding, but on the Rockrunners, it’s quite subtle.

The logo is on the inside of the trainer tongue, which says ‘Valentino Garavani’ with elegance and style.

These studs are similar to the ones on other Rockstud shoes, linking the Valencia Rockstud Collection together.

Rockstuds are the answer to anyone craving a contemporary take on tradition, and exhibit everything that Valentino stands for.

A more modern design of the Rockrunner pays homage to the Nike Airforce 1 - a stylish high-top design featuring the signature rockstuds and chunky sole.

The laces on this shoe are conveniently long, and Valentino provides you with a spare pair in the box which is perfect for emergencies


It can be difficult to find a pair of trainers that’s stylish as well as comfortable - usually, you have to choose one or the other.

Valentino Rockrunners are super comfortable, featuring an EVA footbed that provides impact support, a cushion boost, and extreme comfort.

Like with many athletic footwear brands, these trainers feature a mesh material that helps to improve breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry.

The shoes have a great fit and will fit you well even if you have wider feet. They go up to UK size 12, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.


When Did The Rockrunner Come Out?

The Rockstud collection launched in 2010, with a variety of derivative styles - one of them being the popular Rockrunner trainer.

Upon launching they were an instant success on the runway and became a ‘must have’ pretty much overnight.

They were worn by A-listers all over the globe, from London to LA, fuelling the Valentino Rockrunner hype.

Although this iconic collection was released in 2010, none of the items have gone out of style.

A-listers are still photographers wearing pieces from the Rockstud collection - just last year, Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing a pair of Rockstud heels in New York, which encouraged people all around to purchase the decade-old shoe.

There are still new items being added to the Rockstud collection, including new Rockrunner designs. Last year, Valentino added a new shoe to the Rockrunner line.

The trainer has a clean white base with a silicone dip that looks like shiny, wet mud, which covers the chunky rubber sole adding a platform to the shoe.

The new design is constructed with a smooth grain finish accented by suede overlays and tonal stitching, giving it a contemporary feel.


Where Can I Buy Valentino’s Rockrunner Trainers?

Valentino shoes are available in a wide variety of stores, from Harvey Nichols to online retailers such as Amazon.

In 2021, the easiest way to buy clothes and shoes is online - especially in a pandemic.

The first option would be the Valentino Online Boutique, but various designs of the Rockrunner are available from countless retailers.

Unfortunately, Valentino shoes rarely go on sale, so it’s likely you’ll have to get them full price if you’re purchasing from the Valentino website.

However, other retailers will sometimes offer a reduced price, including the Geometra Fashion website.

Whether you’re nipping to the shops, you’re out for dinner, or you’re on a long walk, these shoes are an excellent first choice.

There’s a design for any person and any occasion, whether you need a stylish heel or a casual trainer.