Freshest Kids Designer Brands

The Freshest Kids Designer Clothing Brands In 2021

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Who says your children shouldn’t look as stylish as you do? Well, thankfully there are luxury designer brands that cater for your little ones too, so they can experience the comfort and style that luxury labels offer.

From clothing to trainers and coats, there are countless options for your little one to dress in style. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best kids designer brands in 2021.

We’ll be talking about Gucci, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Moncler and Balenciaga, so if you love any of these brands, you’re in for a treat!



Gucci is one of the world’s leading fashion brands. It was founded in Italy in 1921 by Guccio Gucciutopian.

It has gone from humble beginnings as a luggage manufacturer to one of the most influential luxury fashion labels in the world.

Italian designer Allesandro Michele was appointed Creative Director of Gucci in 2015 and has been putting out jaw-dropping designs since.

He’s known for his loud, bold and exciting designs - and the best part is that he launched a collection for kids, so your little ones can crawl around in style.

Gucci Baby has a child-like charm that features bright colours and playful patterns while still maintaining the luxury look expected by any Gucci design.

The Gucci Baby Spring/Summer 2021 collection combines retro and modern, with peter-pan collars, baseball tops, retro shorts and overalls.

Some items have the typical Gucci design and logo, whereas others are adapted to match the playful theme of the collection.

The items in this collection would make perfect baby shower gifts, birthday presents, or a treat for your little one.

You and your child are sure to make a statement with Gucci Baby, and your little one is sure to be the best dressed in the room.



Versace is known for its quality, bold, and unique designs, and of course the iconic Medusa logo. The label was founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace.

The brand joined Capri Holdings Limited in 2018, linking it to other luxury labels Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo - but this hasn’t affected Versace’s bold and recognisable identity.

In the Versace Spring/ Summer 2021 collection, you’re transported into a utipion aquatic settlement.

There’s starfish embroidery, shell necklaces and striking swimsuits - but don’t worry - your kids won’t miss out.

Young Versace is suitable for girls and boys aged 4-14 and features similar sealife designs to the adult collection.

The Young Versace range launched in 2011 and has been putting out exciting and unique designs since.

The designs in this range are equally as flamboyant and bold as their adult range, and you can still recognise the signature medusa logo on the kid’s designs.

From stylish flares and colourful shorts to summery sundresses and luxury sandals, your kids will light up the room wearing Young Versace.


Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a popular luxury label amongst celebrities. You may have seen the likes of Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Cheryl Cole and many other high profile celebs photographed wearing Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen has even been rocked by royals - Kate Middleton wore a bespoke Alexander McQueen design when she married Prince William.

Although we lost Alexander McQueen in 2010, his style lives on through the new creative director Sarah Burton, who continues creating daring and exciting pieces for all.

The label never fails to deliver when it comes to daring and exciting designs, and this also shows in the Alexander McQueen kids shoe range.

There are luxury trainers for babies, toddlers, and children, so no matter how old your little one is, they can enjoy their youth in style.

In the youth range, the trainers are comfortable and unrestrictive and offer the support that young feet need.

They feature the signature chunky soles, reflective and contrasting heels, and bursts of colour to liven up any outfit.

From leopard print to sparkling glitter, these shoes are as flashy as you’d expect from Alexander Mcqueen.

Whether your little one is playing with friends, at a family event, or simply being pushed around in a stroller, they’re sure to stand out in Alexander McQueen shoes.



Moncler is one of the most popular labels when it comes to coats and ski wear. It was founded in 1952 in the French Alps, where thick, warm coats are needed.

They sell versatile coats in various designs - feminine jackets, lightweight designs, padded winter coats, and bold waterproofs.

It’s not just grown-ups that can appreciate luxury Moncler coats - there’s a range called Moncler Enfant that’s just for children.

This range features cosy and comfortable down-padded jackets that are sure to keep your little ones warm and protected from the cold.

For babies and toddlers, there are Moncler fitting snowsuits that will keep them toasty even in the coldest of conditions.

The quality style we expect from Moncler is carried through to the kids’ collection, so your little ones are certain to stand out in any of the Moncler Enfant designs.



Balenciaga is one of the leading luxury brands. Formed in 1917 by Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga, the fashion house is known for its innovative designs, attention to detail, and haute couture.

Cristobel Balenciaga revolutionised the fashion scene of France in the 1950s by popularizing loose-fitting, flowing designs and outdating tight, restrictive clothes.

The Balenciaga label continues to meet expectations, bringing out modern and futuristic designs season after season.

The same applies to the Balenciaga kids collection - you can find stylish yet simple designs, loud street-style outfits, and sporty athletic attire.

As well as cult ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, Balenciaga’s kid’s collection features stylish and comfortable luxury shoes.

If you’re a fan of Balenciaga’s sock trainers, you’ll be delighted to know you get get a matching pair for your little one.

You can also get chunky, modern styles for your little one, which is both comfortable and supportive for your child’s feet.

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