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Top Brands You'll See In Ibiza This Summer

The best part about going on holiday is experiencing the culture of the destination - the food, the views, the history, and of course, the fashion.

Ibiza is no exception - and fashion in Ibiza can give you a real taste of the island’s culture. The free-spirited, boho element combined with the party, rave culture is sure to result in many popular designs from the Island’s best labels.

Keep reading to learn more about Ibiza’s best fashion brands and the top labels you’ll see on the island this summer.


What Should I Wear In Ibiza?

In Ibiza, you’ll see a huge variety of styles - some styles match the party scene, and some styles encapsulate the boho and free spirit of the island.

There is no dress code for the island - the general rule of thumb is to wear whatever you want. If you’re not sure what to wear, you can find something stylish on the island.

Whether you want glitter and sequins for a rave or festival, you want boho tie-dye and flowing kimonos for the beach, or you’re after a statement piece that encapsulates the island’s culture you’re certain to be pleased with Ibiza’s designs.


World Family Ibiza

Whether you’re strolling through San Antonio, you’re relaxing on one of Ibiza’s gorgeous beaches, or you’re out partying, you’re sure to see some World Family Ibiza pieces.

This successful brand started out with humble beginnings as a stall on Benirras Beach over 20 years ago - and now offers a range of clothing and accessories that truly epitomize the free-spirited hippy heritage of Ibiza.

There are three World Family Ibiza stores in Las Dalias, Can Curune, and San Carlos.

World Family Ibiza is run by Alok and Merel, who got their inspiration from their travels. They collected unique embroidery from around the globe which sparked the inspiration for their stylish pieces.

The materials are sourced from all around the globe, keeping in touch with the brand’s hippy and free style.

The family-run business isn’t just popular in Ibiza - it has made it all the way to Elle magazine and Paris Fashion week.

Everything you’ll find from World Family Ibiza is handmade - you can find clothing, jewellery, bags, and embroideries all with unique, vibrant, and bohemian designs.


Charo Ruiz

One of the best dressmakers you’ll find in Ibiza this summer is Charo Ruiz. Temperatures can reach around 30°C in summer months, and free-flowing clothes and dresses are a great choice for warmer climates.

Some Charo Ruiz items you’ll find include comfortable kaftans, showy dresses, flowy dresses, skirts, and shorts. The fabrics used are usually breathable and the styles tend to be loose-fitting, which is exactly what you want on a hot day.

Whether you’re going to a festival, a stroll on the beach, or one of Ibiza’s many nightclubs, you’re sure to look the part wearing a Charo Ruiz design.

Charo Ruiz has been based on the island since the 1980s, where the brand was founded. The brand has Adlib fashion down to a T - quality materials mixed with boho-chic is Ibiza the fashion scene in a nutshell.


Reina & Roses

Another brand that features the signature boho Ibiza style is Reina and Roses. You can find Reina & Roses pieces in their own stores and in other Ibiza clothing shops.

The brand has two brick-and-mortar stores - one is in Santa Eulalia and the other is in San José.

The label describes itself as “Ibiza born label, feminine yet strong, soft but confident, the essence of true Ibiza style.” - and it’s a pretty accurate description.

The brand features gorgeous flowing dresses, bright and bold colours, and high-end materials.

Muslin cotton, zephyr-like silk and detailed materials make up many of the brand’s designs, so rest assured each and every piece is of luxury quality.

Reina & Roses pieces are designed by Brigette Fussy, who spends time creating her designs in Ibiza encapsulating the Ibizan beauty we know and love.

Although Reina & Roses is an Ibizan brand, the designs are produced in Bali.


True Rocks Jewellery

True Rocks is a collaboration between the founder and director of music and lifestyle brand Ibiza Rocks and ex-costume designer Emily Bradbury.

You may have seen some of True Rock’s pieces on the likes of Lily Allen, the Haim sisters, Cara Delavigne, and Ibiza regular David Guetta.

Lily Allen and the Haim sisters were spotted wearing their favourite True Rocks pieces on stage while performing at their Glastonbury and Ibiza Rocks gigs.

Although True Rock’s isn’t technically an Ibizan brand, it is inspired by the fashion and lifestyle scene on the island, and you’re sure to see people rocking True Rocks wherever you are in Ibiza.

True Rocks pieces are bold, powerful, and beautiful, and you’re sure to find a perfect True Rocks accessory for any time, place, and occasion.


Moda Adlib

Although Moda Adlib isn’t just the one brand, it is a collective that embodies the biggest fashion initiative on the island.

Moda Adlib is made up of various designers and brands, and has been integral in shaping Ibiza’s fashion scene for the last 45 years.

One of the main founders of Moda Adlib is Smilja Mihailovitch who is part of Yogoslavian royalty. She was one of the first to set Ibizan trends, which earned her the non-official title of Pityusan Princess.

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