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Top Coat Brands Famous People Love

Posted on March 20 2022

Top Coat Brands Famous People Love

When it comes to choosing and wearing a coat or jacket, we often want it to look the part. As the fashion for so many men and women often comes before anything else.

The sensible thing to do when deciding on a coat is to make sure it is fit for purpose, that might be to keep us warm from the cold or dry from the rain. Coats come in so many different styles and colours and we all suit different things and have different preferences when it comes to our clothing.

So please read on in this article if you are willing to make that investment and interested in getting to know what coat brands famous people love as we have all the details on this.


Make an Investment

A coat can be an investment piece for many, which can then last for countless amounts of winters to come. A classic and timeless coat if the quality is there can last someone their entire life if looked after correctly of course.

With these things considered perhaps you are in the market for a quality designer coat for this very reason. In which case, look on further for your inspiration as we are here to show you what coat brands celebrities are wearing.

Budget is not a cause for concern for many celebrities so chances are they are probably wearing not only the most stylish coats on the market but also the best that money can buy!


The Puffer Coat

The puffer jacket is back from the 90s and shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. For each winter season for several years on the trot now, this practical outerwear piece of clothing gets a new line launched by both designer labels and high street stores alike, in a selection of various colours, patterns and prints. This is great news for us because they not only give a laid back and cool look to any outfit, but they are also very practical and super snug, cosy and warm.

The bigger the size the better on this one - so you can achieve that oversized puffer jacket look as seen on the runways and loved by celebs, in particular, Rihanna who is a lover and the owner of the oversized puffer coat trend and has been captured in a range of oversized puffers over the years.

Go for a simple black or muted colour if you want a versatile piece or if you are feeling brave like Rihanna, opt for an all-over bright colour or pastel shade for that ultimate winter statement. This can be taken into the colder spring months too and you will certainly nail that cosy marshmallow look throughout.


The North Face

A classic go-to brand that creates iconic puffer coats is The North Face. The North Face has that celebrity seal of approval as it is a brand that has been spotted on the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner to name a few - showing us that this brand must be a staple winter go-to for many.



Moncler is in the top tier when it comes to high-fashion winter coat brands. The quality of these high-cost pieces cannot be beaten and rightly so as a high price tag often comes with quality workmanship that should and will last you a lifetime. It is no different when it comes to these designer coats, which makes them a popular choice when it comes to celebrities.

Both male and female celebs have been spotted wearing these expensive items of clothing. The impressive celebrity fan base that these coats and jackets have built up over the years include Naomi Campbell, Priyanka Chopra, Sanda Bullock, Justin Timberlake, Wayne Rooney, Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Garner.

With some of the most expensive coats made by Moncler pricing at nearly £4000 in the UK. With prices such as these, it is no wonder you would expect these items of clothing to last the duration of your lifetime.

They really are the best in the business and their expansive range of jackets and coats will do you for any occasion, as they make lots of different types of coats from extremely lightweight casual jackets for spring, to the thickest ski coats for the extremest of weathers and come complete with permanent water-repellent technology. Whatever your needs, there will be a coat or jacket option for you no matter what the occasion.

If you want to be clever and make the most out of your money, go for a reversible style. This way although making that initial investment, you are purchasing two coats in one. This is perfect for if you are travelling and want to travel light. A clever reformation from one coat into another will make you super stylish wherever you are.


The Parka Coat

Nothing says the most practical coat ever than the classic Parka style coat, complete with fur hood for the ultimate cosiness. This timeless classic style of coat really is one to beat when it comes to practicality and winter-like weather. The likes of Sienna Miller and Sarah Jessica Parker often opt for a dramatic vintage fur coat - but for a more practical option, choose a Parka coat from the brand Woolrich and you really can’t go wrong.



Valentino is an iconic Italian designer fashion brand and this brand sure is a celeb favourite, as icons such as Adele and Billie Eilish are fans of the brand. Valentino offers a range of different styles of coats that give off a sleek and sophisticated vibe if that is something that you are looking for.



Nothing screams British like a trusty old Barbour jacket, the maker of waxed jackets and coats as well as cotton jackets, quilted jackets and vests and preppy sweaters. If you are looking for credibility from any celeb then let that be from the Royal Family.

This brand has been a favourite with the Royals both young and old for decades, spotted on Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and even the Queen who is believed to have owned her Barbour waxed coat for more than 25 years. This speaks highly for how much the Queen rates Barbour products, but also on Barbour's durability and reliability too.