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Warmest Coats To Start The Year

Posted on January 23 2022

Warmest coats to start the year

Winter isn’t over yet, and who’s to say the start of spring will be much warmer than it is right now?

Wearing a warm winter coat is the best way to combat the cold when you’re out and about in the frosty mornings and cold winter nights.

However, in 2022, many people find themselves sacrificing warmth for fashion - or vice versa.

Thankfully, there are many different fashion brands that provide warm and cosy coats that also look stylish.

Keep reading for some of the warmest coats to start the year, including brands such as Moncler and Canada Goose.



When you think of warm winter coats, your mind might automatically go to Moncler. This is because Moncler’s coats are durable and are constructed using luxury materials. Regardless of which Moncler coat or jacket you choose, it’s sure to last many cold winters to come.


For Him - Moncler Blanc Jacket

This jacket is one of the most recognisable Moncler jackets, known for its modern camo pattern. The design makes it suitable for outdoor activities, whether you’re going camping or on a brisk winter’s expedition.

Although the jacket has a casual feel to it, it’s a super practical and versatile choice that oozes style. It’s super warm as it’s part down and part faux-shearling, making for an extremely comfortable coat.

The jacket features a high neck, which means your chest and coat will be warm and protected from the elements. It also means that you won’t need a scarf - which is ideal for outdoor activities as scarves can just get in the way.

There are two pockets located on each side of the jacket, with enough space for your essentials. There’s also a two-way zipper, which adds a level of convenience.

Who says you have to sacrifice style for warmth and practicality? With the Moncler Blanc Jacket, you’re certain to look great whilst being warm.


For Her - Moncler Daos Water Resistant Corduroy Hooded Down Puffer Jacket

This jacket is one of the most stylish and warm jackets by Moncler. However, despite how it may look with its oversized silhouette, it’s rather lightweight for your convenience.

You can also remove the hood, which is perfect for those deceptively sunny days that are actually pretty cold. This jacket is also waterproof, so you can wear this stylish coat when it’s pouring down with rain too - simply pop the hood back on and you’re good to go!

This quilted down-insulated puffer jacket features a corduroy design, which is something different from the matte-style ‘sleeping bag coats’ that are in every shop window at the moment. The filling is 750-fill power down.

The Daos Water Resistant Corduroy Hooded Down Puffer Jacket features elastic cuffs and a drawcord hem for that extra protection from the cold winter weather. You can find the classic Moncler logo on the top sleeve, adding the classic Moncler style. There are also pockets for you to store your necessities such as your phone, keys, or purse.

Be careful when washing this luxury coat, as you should either dry clean it or hand wash it only. When drying it, be sure to leave it flat for optimal results.


Canada Goose

Canada Goose is one of the top names when it comes to warm winter coats. The brand first began back in 1957 in Toronto, Canada - where there is often snow and temperatures regularly drop below freezing.

As well as their high-quality warm winter coats, Canada Goose also sells gilets and trimmed hats, all of which are made with both style and practicality in mind.


For Him - Canada Goose MacMillan Parka

Many men’s coats on the market right now are either stylish or warm - but the Canada Goose MacMillan Parka is both warm and fashionable.

The parka is hip-length and features a quilt-through design for extra warmth. There’s also a drawstring hood that allows you to trap the warmth, and long sleeves to protect your arms from the elements. The coat filling features 80% white duck down and 20% feathers, which is sure to keep you nice and toasty even on the coldest of days.

For practicality, there is a concealed zip and popper fastening, as well as a fully lined internal pocket for your mobile phones or other valuables. This coat is dry-clean only, so in order to protect the coat, be sure to get it dry cleaned when needed as opposed to just sticking it in the washing machine.


For Her - Canada Goose Standard Expedition Parka

This quality Parka is perfect for keeping you warm. This is one of Canada Goose’s more sustainable outerwear options, using not only sustainable materials but sustainable practices.

The Standard Expedition Parka comes in a crisp white colour with the classic Canada Goose logo on the front, matching the all-white theme.

The down-filled hood is adjustable, keeping you warm and protected from the elements. The rib-knit cuffs work to lock in heat, keeping your arms as warm as the rest of your body. There’s also a chin guard that’s lined in fleece for extra comfort and warmth.

It’s a super practical Parka, with many convenient features such as interior backpack straps that allow you to carry the coat over your shoulders, as well as 6 pockets for you to store your necessities while on the go. There are 4 packers on the front that come with Velcro closures, as well as side-entry pockets that zip up for extra protection. You can also find utility pockets on the sleeves.


The North Face

The North Face first began in 1968 to provide climbers with the most practical and warm outerwear choices. In 2022, it’s known as a highly popular fashion brand, selling hoodies, footwear, accessories, and of course, coats.


For Him - Diablo Hooded Down Jacket

This stylish hooded down jacket is full of 700-fill down, providing all the warmth you need to tackle the coldest of days. The hood features an inner collar to lock in the warmth, as do the elasticated cuffs and adjustable hem.

For such a warm coat, you may be surprised to know that it’s also pretty breathable, with lightweight fabrics that can help to regulate your body temperature. This jacket is also water-repellant, meaning that you can wear it on a rainy day and not come home soaking wet.