Who Owns Givenchy?

Who Owns Givenchy?

Givenchy is a French luxury designer brand, founded in 1952, by designer Hubert de Givenchy. The Givenchy brand hosts itself as a high-class fashion brand and also creates beauty products too such as perfumes and cosmetics. Now based in Paris, Givenchy’s designs have always attracted attention from Hollywood icons and even Royalty worldwide.

Read on if you want to know more about this high-end brand, the people behind it and why it became the brand it is today. We have put together this blog post to give you more of an insight into the world of Givenchy and to answer the question - who owns Givenchy?


History of the Brand and Hubert De Givenchy

To start, Givenchy's first designs were created for Jacques Fath in 1945. Then Hubert De Givenchy started creating luxury fashion designs in 1952, his first collection consisted of floaty skirts and puffy blouses made from raw cotton. Famous and iconic fashion magazine Vogue described his work as a “wonderful first collection”. It was this year when he opened his own design house in Paris at the Plaine Monceau. Even though his first collections were created from cheap fabrics for financial reasons, this did not dampen his creative designs or put people off, which tells us a lot about how popular he and his designs were at the time.


Hubert De Givenchy

Hubert De Givenchy was born on 20th February 1927 in Beauvais, northern France. He completed an apprenticeship at Jacques Fath fashion house and after moving around to a number of different fashion houses. He started an iconic debut collection “The Separates”, people loved the simple materials and flowing look to the skirts and blouses, it freed women at the time from the frumpy clothing that they were often used to wearing.

At an impressive age of 25, he was the youngest designer of the ever-growing fashion scene in Paris and his style was transformative in that scene, even compared to the more conservative designs by Dior at the time.


Fashion Journey

This new era of French fashion included long necks, slender slim silhouettes and was fast becoming a look everyone at the time aspired for. In 1955 Givenchy introduced the shirtdress which Audrey Hepburn helped to create this groundbreaking style and resulted in it being highly sought after. The shirt dress later evolved to a sack dress in 1957. In 58’ the short skirt was made popular by Givenchy which revolutionised women's fashion.


Balenciaga and Givenchy

In 1953 is when Hubert De Givenchy met his idol Cristóbal Balenciaga, two years after he opened his couture house then in 1956 both Givenchy and Balenciaga presented their collection in a charity gala in New York City.

The famous duo later came out with revolutionary designs, as Balenciaga introduced the sack dress for the first time and then a year later Givenchy was inspired by his close friend Balenciaga and launched the “Baby Doll” dress. A loose-fitting dress featuring a short sleeve, off the shoulder design which was intended to liberate women and went against conventional fashions at the time. Givenchy described this new style of dress as being ultra-light, advocating quick and fluid movements to empower the wearer.

Sticking with the theme and his dream of liberating women, Givenchy then created The Balloon Coat in 1958, this came out pre 60’s and this iconic coat shape with sloped shoulders and wide silhouette influenced the fashion of that coming decade.

Givenchy later moved to a studio in Paris so he could be opposite Balenciaga in 1959.


Celebrity Ambassadors

Givenchy has a long list of celebrities who endorse this high-end fashion brand, with one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities to ever be captured wearing Givenchy was movie star Audrey Hepburn. She wore Givenchy clothes both on and off-screen, starting as a client to the brand, she went on to help give the brand its reputation as she famously wore Givenchy on-screen wearing that famous “little black dress” in Breakfast at Tiffany's. This dress was so iconic and special, it helped the creator of the film receive a nomination for an Oscar in the ‘Best Costume Design category.

As well as this he also developed his first-ever Eau de Parfum L'interdit which was created for Audrey Hepburn and she helped the advertising campaign by her being the face of the fragrance. This broke boundaries in the advertising marketing industry as this was the first time a star had been the face of a new fragrance’s advertising campaign.


The 1980’s

The house of Givenchy was split up in 1981. The perfume side of the brand went to Veuve Clicquot and the fashion branch was acquired by LVMH - a multinational French luxury goods conglomerate business specialising in luxury goods. Otherwise known as Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. LVMH today owns Givenchy Parfums as well as the fashion side too. You can still purchase variations of some of his first-ever scents today and they are still popular around the globe.


Modern Day Givenchy

Claire Waight Keller became the artistic director of Givenchy in 2017, she was the first female artistic director of Givenchy taking over from Riccardo Tisci. Claire Waight Keller is a British stylist and designer and her background at this point involved being a creative director at Pringle of Scotland and also Chloé.

The Royal wedding of American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in 2018 was seen by millions around the world. All these people saw Meghan Markle wear a Givenchy designed dress. The opinions from people around the world on the dress were varied, with some claiming and having the opinion that the dress was too simple. However, it was classy, understated and an elegant design.

Givenchy continues to be an iconic high-end fashion brand and is available throughout the globe both in-store and online directly through the Givenchy website or other online retailers, check out our collection of Givenchy here at Geometra Fashion.

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